Rhona Garvin


I live and work in Brighton. I've worked on a wide range of editorial, exhibition and brand identity commissions. Previous clients include the Times, Guardian, Waitrose, Psychologies. Here though, I have collected together all my recent projects done with children's publishing in mind.

I've been obsessed with illustration forever. Early on it was all about Dick Bruna, Charles Schulz and Jules Pfeiffer. Then Saul Steinberg, Abner Graboff, Paul Rand, Saul Bass, Bruno Mari, Gert Arntz - the way that they pared things right back but communicate content powerfully and immediately.

Making screen prints has changed the way I approach illustration. I look for simple graphic solutions. Removing and editing until I'm sure there's nothing unnecessary left.

Recently I've been helping facilitate workshops in schools, museums and libraries.
Each time I'm delighted to find that children's ideas are basically better than grown ups. I've a lot to learn/steal from them.


Brighton, UK